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**Please note that all Youth Size Oxfords are Unisex**
Please Note: Products that have a school logo embroidered on them can run out of stock. When this happens, it can take up to 2-5 weeks to embroider. It can take longer if we are out of blank product. In order to ensure receiving embroidered product, please shop at least 3 weeks in advance of needing to have this product. Donald's does not guarantee receipt of embroidered product within any specified time frame.

About Us

Donald's Uniform is a local, family owned and operated business built on satisfying the needs of our customers since 1952. Donald's is proud to have outfitted students for more than 250 parochial, private, public, and charter schools for three generations. Donald's purchases uniforms from manufacturers certified to be in strict compliance with all generally accepted international workplace standards, local laws and workplace regulations.

Our goal is to fulfill the specific needs of our customers, to know our product, and to provide the highest quality school uniforms at competitive prices.

Donald's extensive year-round inventory assures that every student regardless of size may purchase the required uniform.

Larry Laughlin, President, continues the tradition started by his father, Donald Laughlin. Leading a knowledgeable, hard working, enthusiastic staff committed to the highest quality customer service remains his focus.

school uniform store in St. Paul, Minneapolis

As an industry leader Donald's has piloted several value-added programs to benefit both the schools and their families.

Donald's commitment to continually enhance these programs in order to satisfy the needs of individual schools has made us the largest uniform supplier in Minnesota.

For more information about Donald's Programs, please contact:

Barb Williamson at 651-776-2723 ext 47401 or 612-201-8245 bwilliamson@donaldsuniform.com

Some of our programs include:

  • Rewards Program!
  • Wholesale School Sweatshirt, P.E. & Spirit Wear Programs
  • Teacher & Staff Apparel
  • Wholesale Marathon T-Shirts & Event Apparel
  • School Employee Discounts (present school identification at time of purchase)
  • Kindergarten & New Student Coupons
  • Online shopping website, school specific pages www.donaldsuniform.com
  • Internet Shopping Coupons
  • Annual June Sale
  • Product Guarantee (one school year) exclusive of knee wear as boys' pants have a double knee.
  • In-Stock Logo Program (Affordable School Logos)
  • Donald's Support in School Events
  • Voucher Program
  • Donald's Uniform store is open 12 months a year with extended evening hours in August
School Uniform Information

Parochial and private schools have a long history of using school uniforms to project an atmosphere of uniformity, pride, loyalty and equality among the student population.

There has always been an image of professionalism associated with having students in a school uniform program. It provides for a more businesslike approach to learning, removing distractions normally caused by the latest designer fashions sweeping the nation.

School uniforms also tend to involve students more, to make them part of a "team" at the school. This is not so much as to erase their individuality, but to include everyone on the same level as far as image and dress is concerned.

An important factor in school uniforms has been cost. With fashions constantly changing, parents have always felt the pressure (from their children) to provide them with the latest peer-pleasing designs. Uniforms reduce the cost of keeping up since they remain the same conservative style. And their cost, in relation to fashion clothing, is significantly lower.

The use of uniforms at school as opposed to the latest fashions, help students avoid ridicule, embarrassment, or abuse from others over the 'have and have-not' stigma.

Based on the long and proven history of the school uniforms in the private and public schools it has shown an increase in positive academic results. The mandatory uniform program in schools across the country is developing and gaining support from all parties- students, parents, administrators and the public.